An oral cancer screening is a test we provide during regular checkups to check your mouth for early signs of cancer. We perform a thorough series of small tests to determine if there are any areas of your mouth effected by cancer. This can involve cancer in the lips, tongue, cheeks, throat, sinuses or other areas like the floor of your mouth. Several signs of oral cancer may include:

Oral cancer has the potential to become a severe and life-threatening disease if not detected and treated early. We offer oral cancer screenings to help patients avoid this struggle and stay on track to optimal oral health. During your checkup, our dentist will ask you questions about your current overall health and examine your mouth for signs of lumps or sores that may indicate oral cancer. If necessary, we can begin prepping you for treatment according to the results of your exam.

You can learn more about oral cancer screenings today by reaching out to our office. We are committed to helping you keep up your oral health!